Rang De

Range De - Let's Create

At Kids Arena, we believe that purposeful visual arts activities expand a child’s way of exploring, expressing and coming to terms with the world they inhabit in a structured and enjoyable way. Art emphasises ideas, feelings, and visual abilities, whereas Craft lays emphasis on the correct use of tools and materials. Our Rang De program provides both types of activities, and allows children to experiment and learn from both.

  • Encourages expression, inventiveness and individuality
  • Sensitizes the child to the visual, spatial and tactile world around them
  • Gives an opportunity to explore, experiment, imagine, plan and communicate with diverse art materials, media, tools and equipment.
  • Promotes understanding off creative processes involved in developing two and three dimensional art


Baking, Candle Making, Card Making, Cartooning, Carving, Ceramics and Sculpture, Clay and plaster, Crayons and Pastels, Doll Making, Drawing,Dress Designing, Embroidery, Fabric print, Finger Paint Prints, Flower Making, Food Decorating, Fruit and Vegetable Printing, Glass Painting, Jewellery Making, Kite Making, Mehendi/Tatoo design, Needlework, Origami, Painting, Paper Crafts, Pot Painting, Pottery, Printing, Soft Sculpture, Soft Toy Making, Toymaking, Tye & Dye, Weaving, Wood Crafts,Yarn Crafts.