Why is Kids arena so important for school’s curriculum?

Kids Arena is one complete solution for all the non-scholastic activities that help is child’s overall development and aid in enhancing the brain development and in turn helping them do a better job in their scholastic arena.

What is so different about this program?

Kids Arena is a one stop solution for all the non-scholastic activities for your school. Rest assured the school can concentrate their energies at the scholastic activities which would be easier once the Kids Arena program is included into the school’s curriculum.

What will child learn from this program?

The child will be trained and introduced to varied activities that help in their physical, emotional and social development. They learn honesty, teamwork, creativity, fair play, respect for themselves and others, sportsmanship and adherence to rules.

How qualified are the trainers?

The trainers are pre-qualified to train the respective activities in sports, art, crafts, music and dance. They come with flair to deal with children of varied age groups and conduct age appropriate training programs. Our trainers are multi-talented people who are physiotherapists, child psychologists, artists, professional painters, sports men, professional musicians and dancers who have been trained over years.

Is there a place that a child can get these programs outside school?

We are planning for our own facility where children will have advantage of availing all the programs at one roof in future. For the time being we are only working in collaboration with schools who are opting our curriculum to be included in their schedule.

Can a school opt for standalone programs?

The school can opt for standalone programs. However, we suggest they take up at least two service lines for best advantage and would recommend them to opt for sports program along with any other service lines like art & craft, music or dance. The combo will give best advantage for the child’s development and will be a great add-on to the curriculum that offers ‘complete education’.